A predator for every prey

Five easy steps to biological enlightenment:

  1. Read article about soybean aphid problem
  2. Do Google Search on "soybean aphid predator".
  3. Find Arthropod Biological Control State Reports for 2004.
  4. Do Google Search on "Orius insidiosus Say picture".
  5. Introducing the Minute Pirate Bug, Orius insidiosus (Say)!
So according to the article in #1, farmers are waiting for the insects to emerge to decide whether or not to spray.

Consider this detail in #3:

"The earlier the predator arrived relative to SBA arrival, the lower was the peak SBA density per plant in that field during the season."

This begs the question, what (if anything) are farmers doing proactively to monitor and maintain a healthy predator population?

...Which in turn prompts the question, what can farmers do to encourage the development of a healthy predator population?

[I'm an engineer, not a biologist!]


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