Daylight savings bug on horizon

Apparently, the Y2K bug didn't wreak nearly enough havoc.
In an effort to bolster a flagging IT industry, the US government has embarked on a make-work campaign by shifting daylight savings time so it starts a month earlier and ends a month later.

I wonder how many algorithms will need to be fixed this time around.?.



Buried Trains

Why is the city of Ottawa looking at burying the proposed light-rail in a tunnel?
I don't get it, beyond the usual car-centric perspective. More people-per-vehicle will have the time to enjoy the view through the city core riding the rails than driving their cars, so bury the cars instead.

Be creative! Be enlightened!

How do you get more people out of their cars, using public transport? Give them something they can't get driving, like Wi-Fi net access. Make access a privilege of daily and monthly transit pass ownership. Add Wi-Fi location services to add value within the community for both visitors and residents.