Get Your Muse On!

Alright, I'll admit it. I watch American Idol with the same fascination as watching a car crash. There's talent there, but it gets swept up in and smothered by the hype.
Canadian Idol on the other hand... I prefer it, but that could just as easily be because I'm more accustomed to the English+French culture mix/sound we get up here than the English+Latin mix down South. Comfort food for the ears. I bought Theresa's album as soon as it came out because I love her voice.

Promotion of artistic talent is tricky for the musicians a step or more outside mainstream, but it can be done. I think I've bought more CDs over the course of this past year as a direct result of last year's SXSW Sampler Compilation than any other promo method. Most recent one was Maggie Walters a couple of weeks ago.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the Independent Artists Company IAC will work out!